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Frogcloset's News

Posted by Frogcloset - August 18th, 2009

Its been a while since I have completed something for newgrounds ( I would go and check but I fear I would be too depressed by the answer).

The last year or so has been made up of countless job losses and hundreds of have done ideas and some well thought out shite that was promptly left behind.

But hopefully, crossed fingers, lucky heather clutched in both hands and a plethara of good luck charms shoved in my anus there should start been a steady stream of work coming your way so you can watch it and judge me as a person.

New stuff on the way.

Posted by Frogcloset - January 29th, 2009

Ive narrowed down the parts that worry me and added appropriate music.

watch so we may see into our own souls and discover the true meaning of the Rocky Franchise.

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Posted by Frogcloset - September 23rd, 2008

What started out as a small project just to pass the time has turned into a venture into the unknown. Those of you who have left After effects to collect dust in your hard drive may like to know that it really is worth looking at.

The original plan was to recreate an old flash I did some years ago called Euthansia, simple back and forth dialog I got into this and I feel asleep with boredom at what I had created. I enjoyed the dialog but theres very little you can do in the way of camera work in flash (But if you want to stick with flash take a look at vcam) Its then i thought id try and used after effects.

The best thing about this program is that you can import swf files directly into it and adjust them in 3d space almost everything in the video below has been drawn in flash and placed in after effects and even after youtube has compressed it to shit and i had placed a few filters and effects to get that camcorder feel it still looks good.

If you were bothered enough to read all that tell me what you think.

By the way this is just a test/intro segment witch is far from done.

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After Effects & flash

Posted by Frogcloset - May 13th, 2008

I was messing around in swift3d (possible the worst 3d tool ever) for an animation type thing
Castle Crasher behind the game
and in the process made this this clip is only 2 secs long, but i like the idea of making a game trailer for it.

Gta meets boom bloxs.

and if some of you are unaware of the happenings of 2002 heres pico 2 LIKE THE BEST THING EVER

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Posted by Frogcloset - May 11th, 2008

I promise myself i would never reduce myself to whoring my stuff, And as I type this i feel dirty.

But you might of missed it, And fuck knows.................................
......you might like it.

Castle Crashers Behind the game

Castle Crashers, Behind the game

Posted by Frogcloset - April 30th, 2008

ever since i got cs3 studio after effects has been the one program i just didnt bother using, The main reason is i believed after effects to be the domain of people that imagine an x, y, and z axis on everyday objects and teens who enjoy filming themselfs blowing thier heads off and posting it on youtube as a real suicide video.

But then one fateful day i came across videocopilot and after watching a few of the tutorials i realized that the program is one of the simplest that adobe has to offer.

if like me you have sent this program to the dusty cobwebbed depths of your hard drive, have a look at video copilot to find out that you too can film videos of yourself been shot for your own amusement.

Below is the video i made (with help from the website) the point will be lost on anyone outside of the uk but everyone else can enjoy the moving lights and 3d environment.

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Posted by Frogcloset - March 17th, 2008

I heard that Angelina Jolie`s family is sending back the children she adopts secretly because she believes that they are pokemon and is focused on collecting them all.


will ferrell has disappeared into his own anus for his next buddy movie where he plays a struggling baseball player who just so happens to be inside out.

spread it around

Posted by Frogcloset - February 12th, 2008

Those of you that were bored enough to read some news i posted a few weeks back would of been greeted with news of a game i was working on.

Well you forget the logo and name i posted on that one.

after i finish it i found that what i had made was the same as every escape the room game that everyone else does. and no amount of voice acting and even the twist i put in the format couldnt safe it.

So ive revampt it throwing everything i can find into it to try and take the genre onwards.
Give me i week and it will be ready to play.

Its still under wraps at the moment but heres a sneak peek.

Also Thanks to everyone on the flash bbs who has helped me fill the gaps in the code.

Game Update (first Look)

Posted by Frogcloset - February 11th, 2008

Robin Williams is so desperate for fame and attention that when he saw a news camera team filming a heart warming story about a kitten that swims, He ran over and forced the camera crew to film him while he said.

"I really enjoy my work and would eat my own anus just to get a sequel for popeye, i dont even want to be paid, I believe that if im forgotten i will die"

and with that he held the kitten under the water until it stopped struggling and ran off screaming.

"Im Robin fucking Williams remember me or perish"
Spread it around.

Lets Start A Rumour :-)

Posted by Frogcloset - February 6th, 2008

To freeze frame action endings. There was a time in the nineties when directors wouldn't bother finishing a film properly and decided instead just to freeze frame it and roll credits.

These day there getting too fancy and slow walk into the shadows here a slowly shutting door there too bothered as they are with those arty touches.

You can keep all your fading in and out bollocks give me a over the top jumping in the air street fighter the movie freeze action joygasm

What The Hell Happened...